Freitag, Juni 25, 2010


Es ist vollbracht!
Sowas ähnliches wird wohl den beiden Verrückten gestern Nachmittag durch den Kopf gegangen sein als John Isner endlich das entscheidende Break schafft.
11 Stunden, 5 Minuten...
Der letzte Satz allein war länger als das bisher längste Match.

Noch ein paar Live-Blog-Perlen (nich ganz so gut wie gestern weil anderer Blogger):
"There were reports yesterday night of people having urinated into champagne bottles in the seats of Court 18 such was the strength of their desire not to miss the match's conclusion. Expect more of the same."

"Word has it that Isner has located the rotten leg that fell off yesterday during the sixth hour of this never-ending battle. The players' undead corpes are expected on Court 18 at 3.30pm"

"John McEnroe is up in the stands, wearing a baseball cap backwards, presumably to feign youthfulness. Children are always spared by the undead in the end."

"Worryingly, this match is falling back into a certain pattern. It goes something like this: Ace. Ace. Ace. Ace. *groan* Ace. Ace. Ace. Ace. *sip of Robinsons, nibble on human brains* Ace. Ace. Ace. Ace. Mahut is now up to 99 aces, and these two have now managed 200 between them."

"Can the scoreboards cope with it if we reach 100-100," asks Stuart Henderson. "Or will a small man scamper on to court and paint a little '1' next to the scores?"

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