Donnerstag, Februar 14, 2008

Kleine Cloverfield-Kritik für Film-Studenten

Grumpy-Gamer macht es den Leuten leicht die versuchen die verborgene Message von "Cloverfield" rauszufinden, ich finde er versteht es hervorragend die Meta-Ebene des dargestellten zu umschreiben:

Cloverfield is a great movie because a bunch of whiny self-absorbed twenty-something New York hipsters that live in apartments no one can afford all die. For those of you working on your term papers dealing with film deconstruction and plot subtext for your Understanding Film class, let me break it down for you:
The whiny hipsters all represent whiny hipsters we hate. The monster is metaphor for a giant monster, and the shallow asshole good looking people all die because they should.

There. I saved you an evening in the library.


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